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On-Page Optimization Services

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Getting your website on top in the search engine is not that easy in present competitive environment. Search engines are applying new algorithms and getting smarter day by day and attractive design and content is not just enough to promote a website. Here one thing that can help your website to get better ranking is optimization of your website as per Google’s guidelines, which is a part of on-page SEO.

On-page optimization is the most important part of online promotion. In order to achieve good ranking it should be followed by every professional as a first step of Search Engine Optimization. Under On -Page optimization SEO process should be performed in every part of a website.

Some of the on page optimization techniques we use are:

  • Keyword Analysis

  • Meta tags optimizations

  • Anchor text optimization

  • Content optimization

  • Heading optimization

  • Sitemap creation

  • Web master set-up

  • Google analytic

  • Canonical issue

Proper usage of keywords in link anchor text is one the important points that should be taken care of. The anchor text should contain the maximum keywords relevant with the website. Some websites have no good content often seen at good rank because of their keyword-rich anchor.

Some key points that should be considered before starting On-Page Optimization

  • The type of website for which On-Page SEO will be done and who are the target audience.

  • One should be very conscious before purchasing new domain. If there is an existing website then there is no need to go for a new one, because the search engines consider the age factor of website while ranking.

  • The website should be understandable by anyone so that the target audience get attracted toward the website and keep their attention on it.

  • The website should be analyzed and evaluated according to Google and W3c guidelines.

  • Keyword analysis is one of the most important aspects of on page SEO, this is done by choosing the most appropriate keyword.

  • SEO professional should find search an easy site-map to help the search engine to index all the pages of website.

  • As search engines can’t read images, all images of the website should have caption or tagged so that they can come on the image search result on the search engine.

  • Content on the website should have keywords of proper density. The search engine may ban the website if usage of high density keywords found.

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